Please note that this is not a payment to Mojang or the official Minecraft game, but rather a payment to a private server. If you have a problem with your purchase, please contact us instead of Mojang!

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Here you can purchase many ranks, commands, items, and abilities that can help you achieve your goals. The donation rewards here can help you build faster, become stronger, obtain perks, and explore places you haven't been able to yet. From never dropping your items when you die to being able to see into other player's inventories, the possibilities are endless when you donate.

The donations you make to our servers help us keep the server online, upgrade to better services, and grow as a community. If you love our servers or just want to get a cool perk in our game, consider donating to us. Every dollar is appreciated and helps keep the gears turning.

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Users with questions or issues regarding donations can send us a email at: cashvillanyt@gmail.com
When contacting us through email we will be able to contact you back and have your issue resolved within 24 hours.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy: We take forced refunds and charge-backs very seriously. We normally take legal action against these cases, so save yourself the time and trouble and understand all donations are final. Please read over our Terms and Conditions, and be sure you want something before you purchase it. Refunds and donation trades to other characters are not provided or allowed.

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